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Truffles: A New Dinner Theater, Murder Mystery Experience


Additional dates include: December 9th, December 11th, December 18th, December 28th.  Check back for January dates!  Get tickets HERE.

In Italy's world-renowned restaurant, Ciacco's, the wealthy Donati family are preparing to auction their treasured two-pound truffle and pull themselves out of financial crisis. However, festivities abruptly grind to a halt when the truffle goes missing and the restaurant's owner, Dante Donati, is found dead. Chef Bruno just wants his guests to have a good time. Carlo the waiter just wants to elope with the Donati's daughter, Isabella. And the Donati's just want to solve the mystery before someone else falls victim to murder. Or at least before dessert. With this much money, food, and a truffle empire at will never guess WHO DONE IT!

Dress in your finest, and get ready for an experience like you've never seen! Come take a seat at Chef Bruno's high-end, 5-Star Restaurant, and help solve the mystery.