I've been doing a lot of journaling lately as per The Artist's Way.  When I went home for Thanksgiving I was in the throes of my first month working on the book's outlined process, and it inspired me to go through all of the old journals and letters I have stored in decorated shoe boxes under my bed.  It was a trip to say the least, but the best find by far was the below gem from when I was 10 years old. The original amusing spelling and grammatical errors and bad word censoring are unchanged.  Names are abbreviated to protect the deeply weird.

Fri, June 19, 1998

Today I went to S's house because my mom didn't want me to be home alone AGAIN. So I went.
First we went to San Mateo park.  It has a bunch of play structures and a Japenise Tea garden, the garden was really cool. S and I went in there pretending we were looking for a man or a woman that is a secret agent (Agent 306) that turned against the agency and was trying to take over the world but first taking over the garden so he or she could use it as HQ (head Quarters) and comand station.  We had not enough clues so we went back to the playground.
We went right back, though because the parents wanted to see it.  Before that though S and I encountered clues.  It was three cylynders that had letters on them (-M-A-C-) and they spelt out many different three letter words.  We found out it was a MAN PED (pedestrian) PON (pondering) with a PEN in his pocket and no EYE ware or a HAT.  We found him.
 writing lower case As this way was considered the height of fashionability

writing lower case As this way was considered the height of fashionability

After that we went to S's house again and watched Spice World.  Then we roller bladed.  My and S's other friend R lives by S so we spoke to her for a while.  Then these boyz came over to one of us and looked at me.  One of them said "Who the f--k are you? Why the f--k did you wave at us bitch?!" I have a thing about waving to strangers.  I was a bit angry at him.  I said "You think you're so cool because you say f--k every other word.  And I was just being friendly,  I have a thing about waving to people to brighten thier day."  The other guy that hadn't said anything walked over to R.  It was R's boyfriend, who was half the size of her.  The whole day everyone but me and S were butting into R's business, trying to make D kiss her.  It was stupid.
Once one guy (His name being "M") was hounding R and I told him to quit.  He said "Women shouldn't have rights. Why should I listen to you? Get in the kitchen!" If he knew better, he wouldn't have gone there.  I put him in a headlock as he screamed "help". Ha, Ha. S is sleeping over.

I definitely need to infuse all of life with the 'tude of this 10 year old.