Let us all heed Rupaul's wise advice: What other people think of me is none of my business.

Three years ago I had just finished recording a bunch of songs.  I was also frantically looking for a job, living in a cheap Crown Heights apartment in a very awkwardly tense roommate situation, and in the downswing of one of those depression cycles.  Listening to too much commentary from my inner critic (the Lil Hater) and outside negative voices as well.  Unsatisfied with the recordings because they hadn't come together in exactly the way that I planned, I left them sitting on my hard drive, languishing.  I remember listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on the plane ride back to New York from my California Thanksgiving and crying because it sounded so amazing, and so goddamn expensive.  Why didn't my recordings have the production value of a multi-Grammy winning globally recognized artist???? 

Since then those recordings have felt a bit like a clogged artery.  Like I've had to pee for three years.  Listening back to them is kind of like reading a journal from that time period.  But I love them.  So I've decided to perform heart surgery on myself and just post the damn album.  Maybe I'll re-record some of the songs at some point or maybe not, but for now, they're all available for download at bandcamp.

I hope you like them, raw as they are.  If you do, share them!

AuthorJenni Lark